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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Your swine flu party needs

Parents have been warned not to take their children to "swine flu parties" in the hope they will catch the disease and build up immunity.

However, in a blow to those of us who kind of like the idea, further reading of this news story appears to show that no-one has ever held a Swine Flu Party and no-one knows of anyone who has either.

For those of you thinking of taking the plunge by celebrating our diverse virology, here are a few pointers that are sure to be a hit at your local swine flu party:

* Wear the bacon tux or - should you prefer to keep it informal - this bacon suit.

* Or try this costume for the kids.

* Hand around some bacon apple pie

* Steal the bacon party game

* Give out this handy decision-making flowchart to party guests

* More bacon delights over thissaway and all your bacon related merchandise.

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