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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Passing shadows

* The consequences of finding a cure for radiation sickness could be huge - more effective cures for cancer, ridding the world of the threat of radiation smart-bombs, as well as moderating the effects of nuclear weapons. Don't expect greenies to be happy about it, however, as it may also make nuclear power plants more viable.

* Confirmation that Australians have the best balls and Jules Crittenden on Pyongyangwood(thanks for both links minicapt!)

* A story of shameful racism at Tizonas.

* The Swazis show how to deal with unwanted school visitors.

* Proof that Muslim clerics party hard.

1 comment:

Boy on a bike said...

Ganja addict eh? So he got stoned before getting stoned?

As for the anti-radiation pills, I am sure the greens will move to have them banned.