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Monday, July 6, 2009

The warmenists don't even believe...

their own bullshit.

Last year, the New South Wales Department of Climate Change put out a report, based on the scriptures of the IPCC, about the future of the climate in Sydney. This information is used by government planning authorities.

One of the basic findings is that Sydney will become more sub-tropical. Amongst other things they claim, this means a slight decrease in rainfall during winter will be more than offset by large increases in Summer rainfall of anything up to 50 per cent.

However there is a problem. Even though these are the official findings straight from scientists who worship at the altar of global warming and gain sustenance from its many international conferences, Sydney is simply not allowed to have more rainfall as a result of climate change, because this is the kind of thing that might be construed as not a problem.

Thus, despite the fact that it makes total sense that a more sub-tropical climate would bring more rainfall, the Sydney Morning Herald brings us this:
Sydney's weather will be much more like Brisbane's by the end of the century, featuring hotter, wetter summers, drier winters and much less annual rainfall, if the march of tropical regions towards the poles continues, climate scientists have predicted.
All of which might matter, except that all of their predictions are wrong.


Anonymous said...

My God your site is a breath of fresh air in a world full of hot air, blow-hards and crap.

I haven't even read beyond your headline and I am laughing already. Thanks so much.

Minicapt said...

Wouldn't "... more like Brisbane's ..." be an improvement?


kae said...

"the march of tropical regions towards the poles continues"

That'a a procession I'd like to see!

WV: whilize

When whill they whilize it's a scam?

Egg said...

Subtropical aridity?
Oh, it's only a model; right ...

Confucius say man who study too many entrails eventually end up in the sh*t ...

blogstrop said...

They'd like to take the uncomfortable bits of other places' climate and pile them all onto Sydney. Trouble is, it just doesn't add up.
If climate was so predictable (and they've failed to do anything sensible on that score) we'd spend a lot less time discussing the weather and dissing the weather bureau.