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Friday, July 17, 2009

Our humble suggestions

The ShadowLands has submitted our comment at the Ruddblog as follows and will be waiting with breath bated for its publication. The comments at his blog, by the way, are already not quite turning out the way Kevin hoped:

How can we make Australians more aware that we need to act on climate change now?

Here are a few modest suggestions.

1. Mislead the Australian public by saying things like “We need to act fast because Australia is the hottest and driest continent” when in fact South America and Africa are hotter, and Australia ranks second for fresh water per capita. What? You already did that? Never mind.

2. A major barrier to Australians becoming alarmed into action on climate change is that too many people go outside and discover they are freezing their gonads off. Similarly, too many people are looking out the window and realising that things are not really different at all. Solutions? Lock people up inside their homes, board up their windows, replace snow making machines with large hair-drier type contraptions, and if that still doesn't work, ban television snow reports.

3. Senator Fielding keeps pointing out that while carbon in the atmosphere keeps rising, temperatures are not rising. Solution: Offer Senator Fielding a job as Speaker so that he must disengage from these kinds of debates. Either that or arrange some kind of “accident” for him.

I hope you find these suggestions to be of use.

Yours etc MM

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is such excellent news.
Now I can vent my considerable frustration re this man made climate change pile of fecal droppings from a dog. Already shot off an email to KRudd but I am not hopeful they will publish said email. I feel better now though.