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Monday, July 27, 2009

Wooo wooo! On board the gravy train with Tony Jones

According to the program, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Lateline presenter and climate alarmist, Tony Jones has signed up once again to be a moderator at the 2009 Carbon Expo on the Gold Coast.

"Snow Cone", who is apparently paid in the region of $5,000-10,000 per appearance, has been on the climate alarmists' money trail for some years now.

It is unclear how familiar Mr Jones is with the Public Service Act, including Section 13 (7):
An APS employee must disclose, and take reasonable steps to avoid, any conflict of interest (real or apparent) in connection with APS employment.
UPDATE: Anon in comments questions whether the ABC falls under the Public Service Act. A quick google is inconclusive - I can find no reference that it is either excluded or included.

However, the activities of Mr Jones should fall under the ABC editorial policies, including those concerning conflict of interest at 4.4:
There should be no conflict between the private interests of ABC staff and their official duties. The outside activities of staff, including financial, personal and political relationships, must not compromise the editorial integrity of ABC programs. Staff are expected to arrange their affairs in a manner that will prevent conflict of interest.


Boy on a bike said...

Is he an employee, or under contract? If he's on contract, I'd love to see his going rate.

Egg said...

Per John Laws, 'when you're on a good thing, stick to it' - in Jones' case, like a fly to bullsh!t ...

Carpe Jugulum said...

Tony, just another hog at the trough (although that's probably not fair to hogs).

Anonymous said...

Um, how is the Public Service Act in any way relevant to Tony Jones' employment? He works for the ABC, not the public service. Try the ABC Act, or better yet, the ABC's Employment Agreement document (

Mehaul said...

The ABC commie pig enjoys all the free rides of the public service but doesn't have to answer to its comintern regulations.

ABC Jones is maybe after all a closet free enterprise opportunist at heart. He is pathetic and one of my pet loathings.

Boy on a bike said...

It's worth asking whether he is an "officer" of the ABC, or whether he is on contract.

If you read the appendices to the annual report, you'll see that one of them lists the number of officers earning over a certain amount - $100k I think. Unlike many public enterprises though, it fails to name each officer and their title. If you look at the NSW RTA annual report for instance, every manager in the top ranks is named, and you can see exactly what their package is.

If Jones is a contractor however, they can probably get away with not reporting how much he is earning. His contract of course would be with a company like "mandalay cleaning interprises", so you'd be hard pressed to find out what they are paying him.

blogstrop said...

Come all you sceptics if you want to hear
A story 'bout a brave imagineer,
Snow Cone Jones was the reamer's name
"Twas on the Speaking Circuit that he won his fame.
Snow Cone Jones, he loved that Global Warming.
Snow Cone Jones, a Gore-ish man was he.
Snow Cone Jones had his final explanetive
With an AGW Special on the old TV.