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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feminist struggle update

A Sudanese woman has reportedly been jailed for wearing pants. Do the Sudanese authorities fully appreciate the wrath about to descend upon them from Western feminists? Time to check in on how Germaine Greer is leading the struggle.

UPDATE: Mehaul in comments nails it: "Germaine only hates her own culture."


kae said...

Germaine Greer is a...
She's a...

She should just shut up.

I'm surprised she can stand being labelled an "Australian", she hasn't lived here for centuries, only returns to pretend to corrobboree with the real locals, and takes every opportunity to rubbish Australia and Australians.

Who needs her or her opinions? I've only agreed with her once in the last 10 years.

blogstrop said...

Yes, the Sudanese wil be quaking in their sandals at the prospect of western femi-nits coming after them.

Egg said...

Ah yes, the world had to moan with the arch feminarcissist as she went through menopause/perving at boys/whatever ... now she's moaning about saggy ol' boobs, eh?

Guess she'll be appearing on Celebrity Big Udder next?

Mehaul said...

Germaine only hates her own culture.