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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Environmentalists say no

Last month, The ShadowLands noted how, since climate alarmists claim that there will be more flooding in north-eastern New South Wales in the future, you would think it makes sense to put in place measures to harvest the floodwaters. But the environmentalists say no...

Similarly, climate alarmists have long claimed that one of the effects of climate change will be more rain in northern Australia, including desert areas.

You might think, therefore, it would make sense to shift agricultural activities to these higher rainfall areas, and mitigate damage to the Murray Darling basin. But the environmentalists say no...

According to the spokesman for the Environment Centre (whatever that is), one of the reasons is insufficient land for irrigation, which must leave little hope for food production anywhere in the world. However, while it would not be possible to grow food, apparently there is enough land for growing forests.

Most bizarrely, the spokesman claims that refusing to grow food will: "allow Australia to show developing countries around the world how to sustainably develop their tropical areas."

Clearly, this particular sustainable model involves either starvation or flying your food in from somewhere else.

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blogstrop said...

Heads they win, tails you lose. Don't expect the MSM to ask any searching questions about this elastic theory. Or to wonder out loud why the Ord River scheme got going in the first place. These are the same people who would disallow the most successful renewable energy scheme (The Snowy Hydro) on enviro grounds, and who still to this day deny that Nuclear is the main alternative to Coal for base-load power.