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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Passing shadows

* We don't know much about Guy Rundle, but we do love an internet stoush.

* Hot dang, it's a 12 foot chocolate Eiffel Tower.

* Was Cortez good for Mexico?

* How warmenists spurn non-believers - (via Watts).

* Always, always, make sure you are at the right meeting.


blogstrop said...

Item 3 should be compulsory reading for all media droogs who think it's groovy to be "with the consensus".

blogstrop said...

Further to my comment above there was an item on tonight's news about an interstate gathering of "delegates" who were herded into some sort of re-education camp for two days then quizzed to see if they were warmenista enough. The resultant "polls" will be forwarded to Copenhagen as if they are some sort of proof of what the "people" want governments to do. Scary.
But not quite as scary as this.

Anonymous said...

Cortez link is dead now..