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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Passing shadows

* A cool map of the seven deadly sins in the US.

* A fine example of bad science reporting - a prediction that kids will live two years fewer than their parents surely fails to take account of other medical advancements.

* Maybe the headline got lost somewhere in translation.

* Looks like Australia's winter stole all the heat from North America's summer.

* At last - the Swine Flu stuffed toy.

1 comment:

blogstrop said...

There was more bad science reporting last night on ABC about the increasing incidence of altzheimers. “It’s all the Boomers fault”, they said. Of course. I expect the following news item any day now:
News Anchor: “Under high security at Richmond RAAF base today a Hercules load of miscreants were unloaded and transported to a new secure facility. Our reporter Tony has the story.”
Reporter: “Thanks Jacinta. We’re seeing a long, shackled line of figures in loose-fitting clothes and with bags over their heads being taken from the plane. From here, buses will take them to the new gated facility where they can be isolated from the rest of our community. These are the worst of the worst. The damage they have done over a number of years is incalculable.”
News Anchor: “Tony are these Taliban or Al-quaeda?”
Reporter: “No, Jacinta. More dangerous and insidious than that. These are Boomers.”