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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Towards a new global interior design: by Kevin

As Kevin Rudd once said in an address that helped to define him as a semi-literate blowhard:
"I think we are at an unprecedented turning point enable to harness this great potential. So how is this done in the schools and how is it taken better?"
Kevin expands on this theme in his latest rejected essay, with comments in italics from the ShadowLands:
This is where the current global order is in danger of falling between two stools...
Erm, are you sure about this?
The global architecture therefore needs urgent renovation. Most of all it needs a clear sense of direction.
What if you just got a couch to avoid that whole stool-falling thing? Surely what you are talking about here is global interior design...

One alternative is offered by those who would simply assign China to the strategic threat and/or enemy category...The second alternative is to idealistically assume that China will spontaneously constrain its national interests in deference to the existing international order. And the third alternative is policy inertia or strategic drift...
Oh fuck no, not the "other alternative is to do nothing" spiel...This is pure Kevspeak. Obviously, you took the alternative where your Defence Minister accepted gifts and lived in a house provided by the Chinese.
A top down approach, driven by leaders, is the most effective way to begin the evolutionary but systemic approach required to manage better global interdependence...and prepare us for the as yet unforeseen.
You mean, a top down approach like at Scores? And how exactly do you propose preparing for the unforeseen?
China is the elephant in the living room that can no longer be ignored.
By specifying it is the elephant that "can no longer be ignored", clearly there must be an elephant in the room that can be ignored. I don't suppose Therese was hassling you while you were trying to write this, was she Kev?

We must engage China with both intelligence and continuing vigilance...
You mean, to engage China stupidly but with continuing vigilance or intelligently but with intermittent vigilance would not be satisfactory. Like... wow.


kae said...

Kev did Marketing 101 didn't he?

The art of presenting to the client using buzzwords but saying nothing.

WV: mishri
What Kevin is.

blogstrop said...

I don't think we should panda to the elephant in the living room.

Anonymous said...

Elephant? What about a Panda?

Anonymous said...

That man has a home at the United Nations.

Egg said...

Kev's cabinet couched a bad argument on Red China; however, Hu's going to go to Rio (again?) ...

daddy dave said...

"Most of all it needs a clear sense of direction."
a bureaucrat's attitude on display. The real world is too messy. If only we could make it neat and tidy with a few simple bits of regulation, it would all be so much better.

Minicapt said...

When he refers to 'stools', is he considering the three-legged kind, or the turd kind?