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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Film saviours arrive

For years Australian taxpayers have been handing out millions of dollars to our film-makers in the hope that they would be so grateful as to make a decent movie or two.

Instead, our canny film-makers figured that while they were growing fat on the taxpayers' teat, they simply didn't need to make a movie that anyone wanted to watch, and they have obliged us many times over.

Film-goers have been wondering who might come along to rescue Australian movies this year and I'll be blowed if it's not, of all people...Paul Hogan. The other is Shane Jacobson, a chap who also made his name in the radical field of making films people want to see.

Incidentally, Hogan is talking of using his new partnership to make a Leo Wanker movie, based on a fondly remembered character from Hogan's years in Australian television.

It might take some work to stretch this out into a feature film. However, if we must spend public funds on films, then Leo is clearly the most deserving of all the wankers in the Australian film industry.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Australian films i liked (apart from croc dundee);

The Castle
The Lighthorsemen

Most Oz film doesn't even qualify as shite, just self absorbed twaddle that would make a maggot gag.

Boy on a bike said...

Mad Max - the first one.

The Chain Reaction

Sunday Too Far Away

Mehaul said...

Libido and Petersen, both featuring Jack Thompson in the early to mid 70s were good Australian movies.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Sunday too far - i'd forgotten that, good call BOAB.

Minicapt said...


kae said...

Along with Kenny, and The Castle, I thought this movie was a beaut. I saw it by accident - I think I found it in the video shop.

Tempe Tip, just for a laugh

Egg said...

Yup, most output of Phatty's Phil'm Finance Corp is phlatulent ...

Boy on a bike said...

Breaker Morant
The Dish