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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Passing shadows

* As this article clearly demonstrates, it is wrong to stereotype Russians as drunkards.

* Meanwhile, the Brits face their own challenges.

* You know you're a bit younger than me if...

* For the person who has everything, or just your regular voodoo practitioner - a personalised doll figurine.

* Graffiti goes mainstream.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Russians as drunkards

Probably a generalisation as it usually is but, I can tell you,when I last visited Moskva in the early nineties, there were people cuing up for grog, the cue being long enough to go almost around the block, waiting for opening time.

Half an hour later you would see some of them sprawled on the ground with the empty bottle nearby.

Not a pretty sight.

I also remember my one and only flight on Aeroflot to Moskva from Singapore, as it happened, the Russian basketball team was on the flight, and as morning came the manager and the support staff started off breakfast with a water glass full of vodka followed by a Coke for a chaser.

I'm not a wowser, only drink to excess myself mind you!