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Are you that special person who - weary from trudging the endless superhighways - just longs to camp next to a glorious oasis of the mind? Do you desire to explore new frontiers, splash in shared ideas, fill your belly with the refreshing fruits of inspiration, and bask in the gentle rays of fond reflection?

Well, you can fuck right off. This, my friends, is not that place. This place is... The ShadowLands.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Passing shadows

* If only these teenagers had known about this valuable web resource.

* Paco points us to the big questions.

* Ear-wax gourmand Kevin Rudd now has an Iranian brother in arms.

* If Kevin Rudd really believed in anthropogenic global warming, the biggest single thing he could do is allow the sale of uranium to India. Now they're shopping for coal.

* This bride thinks marriage is a hoot. (Thanks for the link, Jenny.)

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