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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ShadowLands to Jackman: You lie

The ShadowLands caught a news grab of Hugh Jackman in New York telling the media this:
"I don't do private jets," he assured the media. "I try and do my best and I teach [sustainability] to my kids."
However, we couldn't help but notice the sheepish way in which he said it. This is why:
After attending a press conference in Rome, Italy early this morning (April 14), X-Men: Wolverine star Hugh Jackman hopped on a private jet and managed to make it in time for his scheduled appearance on El Hormi- guero later that afternoon .
Just a one-off occurrence forced by his promotional commitments, perhaps? Actually, no:
Stuttgart, GERMANY, Sun 14 Dec 2008,

Our images:
- arrival of the private jet at Stuttgart airport
- the Jackman family gets off the plane
- Hugh Jackman signs autographs
- Oscar throws snow at his nanny
- Deborra-Lee Furness and daughter Ava
- The family gets into the waiting cars
- departure


blogstrop said...

Jettiest man alive!

Egg said...


daddy dave said...

"we couldn't help but notice the sheepish way in which he said it."
a sheep in Wolverine's clothing.