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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Question They Won't Ask

Each week, The ShadowLands submits an insulting question to ABC television's interactive Q and A program with the aim of having it not published on their website. This week we are putting on the line our perfect two from two rejection record:
Question for Anne Summers:

In your Q and A biography, you say you have written numerous best selling books, however, nobody I know has heard of more than one. Do you think the fact that we have never heard of these numerous best-selling books is a part of a conspiracy by the male-dominated military-industrial complex, or are you just a lying liar?
UPDATE: Someone has submitted an even better question directed at noone in particular: "How come only the left gets the clap."

UPDATE UPDATE: Three out of three rejected! We're on a roll.


blogstrop said...

Come on, MM! Anne would not keep being invited onto ABC shows unless she was really ... you know.

kae said...

Not touching that left/clap question.

Anonymous said...

They don't wash?

Carpe Jugulum said...

"How come only the left gets the clap."

AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHahahahahahaha, i am going to pinch that.

The line, not the disease.....?

why did i clarify that??????

Anonymous said...

"why did i clarify that??????"

did you think for a moment that you were in a highly refined company maybe?

Carpe Jugulum said...

"did you think for a moment that you were in a highly refined company maybe?"

I was thinking along the lines of erudite, witty, charming company with a rapier like wit. Those whose company and conversation i would enjoy as dinner companions.

That or people with the same filthy minds, either one works for me.

blogstrop said...

This is perhaps a reference to the acclamation given to lefty statements that the audience either (a) approves of, or (b)responds to in a pavlovian fashion after "applause" signs are waved at them by floor staff.
It is probably not a reference to the Hyundai Applause, mistakenly named by a Korean PR man with a book of english translations after being told by a colleague that the car was a load of clap.