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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A grateful Left twists the knife

A couple of days ago, Australian Senator and noted AGW sceptic Senator Steve Fielding voted with the Left in the Senate to waive the fees being charged to queue jumpers.

This follows an incident earlier in the week where Fielding made some gaffes in an interview because of his dyslexia. Miranda Devine in the SMH covers it very nicely here.

So how have the Left reacted to Fielding's magnanimous vote? Some comments from Larvatus Prodeo here:

Fielding is so mentally discombobulating that he causes hard drug abuse? Yes probably.
Sadly Fielding will be remembered from this day hence as the man who can’t spell fiscal. But that he is even pausing to consider which way he will vote on this is disgraceful.
I can see how a dyslexic can pass Engineering at RMIT but completing an MBA? It’s about time universities reintroduced standards so that when someone graduates from an MBA or whatever you can feel confident that they can read and write reports to a greater skill level than a year 10 high school girl...

Fielding is so embarrassing it’s hard to conceptualise.

As no one else has gone for the obvious gag…

“Senator Fielding said he had managed to complete his studies with hard wrok, commitment and the help of Dog.”

and the coup de grace delivered without a trace of irony:

What is it about the right and heartless bastardry?

1 comment:

blogstrop said...

I confess to seldom visiting Larvatus Prodeo,
Where much is made of Degrees & MBAs.
Did they major in Rumour & In-Your-End-O
Or is something else to blame for their malaise?