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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Media gets scandal all wrong

The New South Wales Health Minister, John Della Bosca has resigned following a sex scandal.

However we believe the scandal is not that John Della Bosca had sex with somebody, it's that somebody had sex with John Della Bosca. The ShadowLands hereby calls on their resignation from whatever it is that they do.

However, unfortunately for Mr Della Bosca, he cannot possibly be reinstated on the scandalous grounds that he had sex with Belinda Neal.


Egg said...

Fuglies 'rubbing uglies'?

No spy photos, puhlease ...

Anonymous said...

Must you....I was having lunch when I read this and now I am afraid I may vomit a little bit in my mouth.

Please, I was happy just knowing he had resigned and now I will most likely have nightmares! Ta

barking toad said...

That is so sweet.

I tend to agree - people who live with witches and who (aaarrgh) engage in sexual congress with them have no place in government.

Boy on a bike said...

I reckon Della-Bosca is currently wishing he did something really bad, so that he could be sent to Goulburn prison to be locked up with Ivan Milat and other assorted murderers. That would be better than going home to face the wife.

blogstrop said...

What with the warmer weather and all, I guess the deck chairs will be out again in the neighbourhood.