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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kev's Big Lie just got bigger

It is now more than a year since Kevin Rudd first spouted his lie that Australia is the hottest and driest continent.

Yesterday, he has demonstrated that you can lie about climate change as often as you like, and as prominently as you like, and so long as it is on the side of alarmism, nobody will ever challenge you on it.

On the steps of the UN in New York yesterday, Kevin said in his very first paragraph:
Let's never forget the basic fact on climate change. Australia is the hottest and the driest inhabited continent on the planet. Climate change will hit Australia hardest, and will hit Australia earliest.
On this rare occasion, Rudd has slipped in the qualifier "inhabited" - clearly he thinks the only thing wrong with the sentence is that Antarctica has less precipitation than Australia. However, he still hasn't figured out that Australia is not the hottest continent. Africa is certainly hotter and South America - thanks to the very large section in the tropics - is probably hotter on average than Australia.

This simple fact was confirmed to me by some poor sod in the Department of Environment late last year.


blogstrop said...

Meanwhile the stalwarts are pinpointing islands going under due to rising oceans. Yesterday it was Fran on ABC RN Breakfast with the Cataret Islands - she did from time to time say there might be doubts, but managed on the whole and categorically in the finale to blame it all on climate change. It's a well-known case, and they are a geologically sinking, not a "drowning due to climate change" group of islands.
Then at the UN, the President of the Maldives threw underacting to the winds (and tides) while pleading that we should not make Copehagen a "suicide pact".
"What did we do to deserve this?" he asked. The Maldives are more threatened by internal political turmoil and Islamic fundamentalism than they are by the annual 3mm ocean variation.
If he could hose down the fundies and encourage more decadent kaffirs to tour, he might have a future. It will not be the oceans rising that cruels their pitch in that particular branch of paradise.
Oh, just in case you missed it: there was indeed "another day, another interview with" John Connor of the Climate Institute on ABC radio!

Egg said...

The Catarets are sinking? Kevni should send a dyke to the UN; oh, wait ...

Anonymous said...

I figured that you would have a field day with this, Margo's. But what do you expect from Clinton's good friend, Mr. Rude! (I thought it was Kevin Bloody Wilson, actually)