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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Question They Won't Ask

Each week The ShadowLands tests the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's commitment to free speech by sending in a Question They Won't Ask to their interactive television program, Q and A. This week:
Question for Tony

There seems to be a permanent position available on your panel for people who have previously gone public saying things that any anti-semite would be proud of - a big cheerio, this week to Tanya Plibersek. Do you suppose it will ever happen that you invite a Jewish person on your panel who is an advocate for Israel?

UPDATE: Published - must try harder next week.


Egg said...

Let's face it, it's just a Jewsless program, MM ...

blogstrop said...

What's needed is an injection of Honest Reporting.

Mehaul said...

Plibersek pauses before most comments and tilts her head to give the impression that something most profound is about to be shared.

On every occasion she proves that any dumbass can reach the top levels of the Labor Government.

Just wear a dress and talk like a sweaty little commie.