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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scepticism ends, panic ensues

Dang, looks like this global warming thing is much more serious than we thought.


blogstrop said...

Somewhere in one of those ice-caves there's a workshop devoted to identifying racism in all its forms.
Unfortunately the terms racism and racist are now defunct, having been abused so extensively as to have no residual currency beyond the inner-suburban peace-blanket crocheting collectives, and certain broadsheets, which are, incidentally, no longer flavour-of-the-month with the NSW Planning Minister.

Infidel Tiger said...

My fortres of solitude is ruined.

blogstrop said...

Monday 21st: another day, another ABC interview with John Connor of the Climate Institute. Gosh, do you think it's really an institute or a lobby group? No mention of the melting ice caves, but, right on target for the big meeting, they were highlighting the asserted fall in emissions post-GFC, according to another impressively titled body the International Energy Agency. Oh, and just in case there have not been enough brainwashing media events, there'll be a further report from the IEA before Copenhagen.
Call me cynical, but the well-oiled mechanics of media messaging (I'd even call it intervention) priming voters with the daily grab and then using these thinly apprehended but regurgitatable views to beat up pollies with "public opinion" are there for all to see.