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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kevin's Quote-o-rama

So, to answer the great moral question of the ages: what then is to be done?

Going back to what I said in my earlier remarks before...

We have also seen great acts of corporate responsibility and let us hold this within a common reality and our friends in the corporate world, as both Gordon and I defend the principle of open markets, I think themselves feel that their sense of balance has been undone in recent times as well.

I think we are at an unprecedented turning point enable to harness this great potential. So how is this done in the schools and how is it taken better?

There will be a discovery afresh on the part of those affected by that, that those who are their neighbours or their friends of this extra call-back to family and to community, and in that, the discovery afresh of old truths.

I do not know whether to describe it as a ‘still, small voice’, but in the theological tradition of the ‘still, small voice’, this loud booming Scottish voice is always on people about this. Advocacy is necessary. That is my first point.

It is an honour to be in this great cathedral for the observations I made at the very beginning, because it gives us a sense of history, and that the deliberation on the great questions of the day helps us to reflect that others before us have had even greater deliberations. It is important.


blogstrop said...

"I think the common feeling in this gathering today, but in gatherings like it right across the world, is simply this. In recent times, we have just got the balance wrong. And there has been I think, an emerging sense of disquiet over a long period of time about the fact that the balance between individual in the community, between markets and government has simply got out of kilter."
What can I say after that? I seem to hear a great Scottish voice saying: "Adjust your kilts."

Egg said...

The clock's ticking for the MSM to expose this (former) mid-level Govt shiny-arse's bureaucratic waffle for what it is ... in print, it reads like the work of a madman.