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Monday, May 26, 2008

Blair gives rude finger to ShadowLands

Jealous internet guy, Tim Blair has sent a clear message to ShadowLands' readers through sitemeter.

ShadowLands spokes-thing Margo's Maid said that by linking to the ShadowLands on Sunday he caused a spike in visits to the leading weblog that clearly resembles a "rude finger" on the zionist-controlled bar graph.

"Blair likes to come across as a 'nice guy' by giving his commenters' websites a leg up, but the graph clearly demonstrates the message Blair would appear to be sending the loyal readers of the ShadowLands," the maid concluded.

UPDATE: There now appear to be six fingers - the clear implication being that we are some kind of inbreds.


Anonymous said...


Jealous internet guy? LOL

Revolution Margo! LOL 1.618

stackja1945 said...

Is this not the digital age?

Col. Milquetoast said...

Obviously, TimB angry and jealous at his new internet competitors and his loss of control over margos apostrification he investigated the costs of hiring an unstable, incoherently violent psychopath to roughly handle Margo's Maid's Shadowlands' posters.

Eventually, as we all realize, unstable, incoherently violent psychopaths are more than willing to act violently but they aren't very good at following directions.

Enraged, TimB decides to crush the wretched, innocent little guy and melt his servers via a denial of service attack instigated using the full powers of the mega-corporation News Corp. You're a victim now margos...

RebeccaH said...

Blair will rue the day... any day now.

Anonymous said...

Tim's new home. The Daily Telegraph, from another Australian media source today.

"Is there anything Sydney's Daily Telegraph won't publish in its pursuit of circulation and notoriety?

Of course there is. The Telegraph has standards. It won't publish embarrassing or negative stories about its proprietor, his family or his business interests. And it's unlikely to publish -- for purely commercial reasons -- anything its readers would consider un-Australian or seditious.

Beyond that, as it demonstrated last Thursday with its seedy story naming and shaming a well-known singer who allegedly had sex with Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, according to a totally unsubstantiated Australian Army report, there is no cesspit too deep for the Telegraph's toxic journalism du jour to reach.

The Daily Telegraph is in trouble. Its audited weekday circulation is falling -- down from 406,000 in 2002 to the most recent audit of 366,000 and, apparently, still falling. If it is not yet a failing newspaper, it is a flailing newspaper. Handling issues of editorial integrity are minor. Getting talked about is everything.

Surely it is time for News Limited's chief John Hartigan, himself an old Telegraph hand, to step in and put a lid on the sewer."

Personally I think Tim fits in perfectly.

Margo's Maid said...

Cripes, I never really thought of Indymedia as another Australian media source before.

stackja1945 said...

MM for a source so are tomatoes. Both are red.

kae said...

I dunno, Margos. Looks more like a column to me.

kae said...

You've been shafted by a column...

My site meter wasn't up and running Sunday.

Paco said...

That Blair be a crafty fellow.

Ash said...

There's no resisting the power of Blair!

Give in to Blair Margo's! Your life is in peril!

He'll destroy you, just like Bob Ellis is going to destroy him!