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Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't leave me this way

On this day in 1871, the anarcho-socialist Paris commune fell after two months of chaotic government. The movement inspired Karl Marx who described it as “the prototype for a revolutionary government of the future” which is a bit like having a witness to the Hindenburg disaster describe hydrogen balloons as the prototype for aeronautical engineering.

Thousands of surviving communards were transported to New Caledonia which explains why, to this day, New Caledonians undergoing IQ tests are allowed three back-ups.

One of the revolutionary measures of the communards was the adoption of the French Republican Calendar which had a number of drawbacks including being unusable in overseas territories, and an incomprehensible system for leap years.

Thanks to Marx, the Paris communards will be remembered for providing the blue-print for failed nations, as well as the name of a deplorable 80s pop group. Oh, the humanity.

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stackja1945 said...

I do not remember Groucho and brothers being in Paris.