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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rudd Calls for New Committee

REUTERS: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today called for nominees who would like to join the No Worries, Don’t Even Mention It Committee.

“Following the success of the national apology, I am calling for a range of celebrity nominees who would like to get involved in the next step in the process, and that is responding by saying something like, ‘no worries, don’t even mention it’,” Mr Rudd announced in Canberra today.

“One of the things we could also have is a ‘No Worries, Don’t Even Mention it Day,’ and we will need a hard-working committee of people who have nothing better to do,” Mr Rudd continued. “Saying we were sorry has left a void in gesture politics that clearly needs to be filled. The type of people I encourage to apply include Marty Rhone and that fat kid who used to be on the toilet paper commercials.

“I also think it is not too early for us to foreshadow the creation next year, of the ‘No, No, We Really Are Sorry, Committee’”.


stackja1945 said...

I can but repeat my comment at NewTim:
Kevin has piles?
stackja of sydney (Reply)
Thu 29 May 08 (09:38am)

Francis H said...

Could we get t-shirts made up and close the harbour bridge for a No Worries walk?

People always worry about our international reputation. Well this would show how tolerant and forgiving we are.

I for one welcome warmly our PMs new committee

Penguin said...

I wish to nominate "serial pest" Peter Hoare as chairman of any of the committees.