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Friday, May 23, 2008

What happened to oral Bob?

Bob Ellis once told Timbo Blair that he would destroy him professionally, which is kinda ironic, since Ellis appears not to have posted anything for a while now. Is Ellis yet another piece of roadkill on the Timbonator's superhighway? It's starting to look like it.


Kae said...

P'raps he sobered up?

Ash said...

I reckon Bob realised he hasn't got anywhere near the power he'd need to destroy the Timbonator.

Hell, if he made any calls at all, he probably got seriously laughed at.

El Cid said...

Know what the call, two gay Bob's?

Oral guys is Aussies.

Ya' wouldn't know Oral Robe...ahhh for get it...shit.

Oral Roberts is/was a U.S. TV preache...nahh, the hell with it.

On to the eye chart thingy.

stackja1945 said...

They seek him here,/ They seek him there,/ Those Blairites seek him everywhere./ Is he in heaven,/ Or is in hell?/ My own elusive Bobernel

SwinishCapitalist said...

"What happened to oral, Bob?"

Amazing what a little extra punctuation can do.

Francis H said...

Maybe Bob feels that living like a washed-up, irrational sot is the best revenge.