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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Test your inner nerd

Readers of The ShadowLands are invited to take part in a special test. Readers of Blair's new site can try this test, while those who read both, but only go to Blair's site because they are curious can go here.

(A big shout out to Chico and Mercedes at Altria Marketing! I'll have the results to you real soon!)

UPDATE: Results just in show that readers of the ShadowLands are up to 40 per cent less nerdy than visitors to other sites. ShadowLands spokesthing Margo's Maid was not surprised by the result.

"ShadowLands was born of the dispossessed and has bubbled up from the darkest recesses of the internet. The results just confirm what we already knew - that ShadowLands readers are hip individuals with a charismatic edge. In short, we have just the kind of reader who is likely to convince others to take up tobacco products. As a result of this information, we have been able to put together an artist's impression of the average ShadowLands reader."


stackja1945 said...

Somewhat nerdy. I mean face it, you are nerdier than about half the test takers.
What ever!!
Hello to Chico and Mercedes at Altria Marketing too!!

Francis H said...

I'm somewhat nerdy too. Might be a typical profile of margo's commenters beginning to emerge.

Ash said...

62% scored higher (more nerdy),
2% scored the same, and
36% scored lower (less nerdy).

What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

Not nerdy, but definitely not hip.

There you go Margos, that's what I am.

stackja1945 said...

Crocodile Dundee (1986)
Sue Charlton: That croc was going to eat me alive.
Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: Oh, I wouldn't hold that against him. Same thought crossed my mind once or twice.


spot_the_dog said...

Uh oh. I'm 85. Am I still allowed to be here?

Paco said...

Here's . If this link doesn't work, the address is

Minicapt said...

So I lose points because I don't have certain magazine subscriptions. Magazines which are on the Net.

For Spot: 89.


Margo's Maid said...

stop the dog - you would be the exception that proves the rule, but keep it quiet all the same, if you don't mind.

Margo's Maid said...

spot the dog, I mean. Bugger.

Col. Milquetoast said...

At first I was ashamed of my nerdiness but once I saw that Spot barely beat my nerd score I now feel ashamed of my inadequate nerdiness.