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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nelson surges

Australian opposition leader, Dr Brendan Nelson has surged to a 12 per cent approval rating, up from 9 per cent only a few weeks ago, and now well into double figures.

This is a 33.3 per cent increase in popularity in only a few weeks, making his popularity the fastest growing of any Australian politician. In many respects, he reminds me of (three second pause) - The Shaadowlaandss.

Nelson's popularity rating is now on par with the alleged percentage of people who believe Joan of Arc was Noah's wife, as well as being firmly in the top 3 choices, just behind "uncommitted" and "Kevin Rudd".


Paco said...

Like a runaway freight train, baby! Stand back and watch his smoke!

francis h said...

At this rate of growth Nelson will be more popular than Jesus (seasonally adjusted) by the end of the year.

He'll also lose most of his species and be uninhabitable by 2050.

Daddy Dave said...

linear extrapolation is a wonderful thing.
the earth will always warm; house prices always go up; China's economy will overtake the US in thirty years; and Brendon Nelson is about to be a superstar.

stackja1945 said...

Reminds me of another Nelson:
Nelson was a complex leader who balanced a personal longing for honour and glory with a compassion and respect for his men.
Yes, Horatio Nelson.

Francis H said...

What were Horatio's approval ratings like?

Anonymous said...

Wot? Brenny's not a sooperstar already?