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Well, you can fuck right off. This, my friends, is not that place. This place is... The ShadowLands.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Million people march to ShadowLands

REUTERS: Up to a million people are now flocking to the leading "weblog" ShadowLands thanks to a rich mix of news, educational material, and leading opinion from leading celebrities.

The sitemeter thingie clicked over to 24 late last night, meaning that literally dozens of people had officially visited the site since the meter was installed. It is understood that when it reaches 40, scores of people will have visited the leading site.

However, an upcoming study by leading impartial journal, The Lancet is understood to suggest that the actual numbers of visits could be anything up to one million.

"A doorknock survey of Margo's Maid's place and a neighbour has been extrapolated to suggest the real number could be up to a million," a Lancet spokesman explained. "If the neighbour had bothered to check it out like he said he would, the figure would have been much higher.

"Sitemeter is renowned for its unreliability because the media is controlled by Jews. All you have to do is jumble up the letters and you get 'Semite (ret.)' - it's a dead giveaway," concluded the leading spokesman.


Paco said...

It's a shadowlanche!

Anonymous said...

Hi all Hi Margos ":';';';';';';';';
1618 Margos I made you into a topic

Margo's Maid said...

Hi 1.6 - thanks so much. I'll put up some blog roll links this weekend. Looking forward to seeing paco's new place.

hey - only just discovered Tizona's and your great photos -good looking and talented!

Ash said...

Hiding in plain sight we are Margo's.