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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Up yours, Professor

Some loser claims that the tobacco industry is funding advertising on the Internet.

So what if they are, Professor? In my experience, the people who control the marketing budgets of Altria/Philip Morris , British American Tobacco and the China National Tobacco Co are some of the finest citizens you would ever meet.

And didn't you know that smoking saves money? Didn't you know that it's good for you? Sounds like it's time to wake up and smell the baccy, Professor.


Anonymous said...

Margos g'day. 1618 ';';;';'

Anonymous said...

It's me your chopper buddy.1.618

Margo's Maid said...

Hey 1.6! Great to hear from you.

stackja1945 said...

Simple Simon again.
Simon Chapman is Professor in Public Health at the University of Sydney. He is a sociologist with a PhD on the semiotics of cigarette advertising, author of 14 books and major government reports and 352 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
Busy is he not? Tax payers funded of course.