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Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy birthday, Mr Pot

May 19 is the anniversary of the untimely 1935 death of TE Lawrence "of Arabia". If Lawrence were alive today, he would be a truly remarkable 120 years of age and would be terribly frail. To be truthful, it is probably best for him that he is gone.

Judging by his dashing and masculine appearance, many contempories swore he was not gay, and was simply too busy to get married. Recent biographers have found some truth to the idea that he was indeed very busy chasing young Arab boys. Another dead give away was the sweeping orchestral music that followed him around.

Lawrence is also known to have paid for a good whipping. Tragically, fellow Englander, Peter Roebuck was born many years too late, and has been forced to eke out a living as a moral crusader at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Spookily, also turning 60 on May 19, is S& M soundtrack songstress Grace Jones.

May 19 is also the birthday of dear departed Cambodian leader, Pol Pot. Mr Pot is credited with leading a socialist experiment that largely confirmed the results of previous attempts.

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stackja1945 said...

Damascus - was the capital of Turkish occupied Syria and Palestine and the first objective of the great offensive launched by Allied forces on 19 September 1918. There has been some dispute over the years as to which troops were the first to enter the town. The honour probably goes to a patrol of the 4th Light Horse Regiment early in the morning of 1 October 1918. They were followed by the 10th Light Horse Regiment that rode into the city around 5 am. Emir Said, who had been installed as Governor of Damascus the day before, surrendered Damascus to Major Arthur Olden, the regiment's second-in-command. At 9 am T.E. Lawrence, also known as "Lawrence of Arabia", and the Arab forces of Faisal, son of the Sherif of Mecca, entered Damascus.

T.E. Lawrence - "We moved behind Deraa to hasten its abandonment. General Barrow joined us; in his company we advanced to Kiswe, and there met the Australian Mounted Corps. Our united forces entered Damascus unopposed."

Movie Lawrence of Arabia (1962) showed the Arab forces of Faisal entered Damascus first.