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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Internet a disgrace

A prominent bishop has hit out at a peurile and disgusting video he found on the Internet.

Anglican Bishop Brian Hemmingsworth said he had been researching the scriptures in his study when his wife walked in on him exactly when he happened across the disgusting video featuring blondes in bikinis dancing with meat.

"If this is where the information superhighway is leading us, then we are on the road to ruin. Pending further study, there is a possibility that the internet may need to be closed down," the Reverend concluded.


stackja1945 said...

"blondes in bikinis dancing with meat" sounds like Bondi Beach.
Better ban Bondi Beach.

Pogria said...

Hey Margos,

have you any idea what the video was?

Any chance of a link?

BTW, I believe him, he's an "Anglican" Bishop, and he's also married. There's absolutely no need for him to perve on blonde Bikini Babes cavorting with bits of meat.

stackja1945 said...

link was on the page not clear maybe here again

stackja1945 said...

pog I try again try again

Daddy Dave said...

The reverend is over-reacting.
This was an isolated incident and is not at all indicative of the kind of things you can find on the internet.

Why, the way he talks, you'd think there were thousands and thousands of pages of porn out there!
The silly man.

Pogria said...

Hey thanks stack. My bad.

I racing through the article.

bloody funny!

Pogria said...

was! sheesh!

Paco said...

Hmm. What, exactly, was the bishop researching that he should have stumbled across that video?

Margo's Maid said...

I hear-tell that this video comes up when you type "bulldozer" into the youtube search engine. Ain't the internet grand.

Hey paco, great to have you drop by!