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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Site of the day is this 'n. Just enter the name of a website to have the language translated into jive talk, like thissy here.

UPDATE: Kevin's jive apology fo' y'all right here.

UPDATE II: the Man from Snowy River, gangsta stylin'

UPDATE III: Michelle Grattan. Word. Mo' stuff.

UPDATE IV: We is down with feminism 101


stackja1945 said...

Over at kindy:

"In brotha Henson nizzay Art World has pulped its forthcom'n issue accord'n ta tha Fin Review today, at a C-to-tha-izzost tha magazine estimates at $100 000 aww nah. The issue, written n laid out in April, was ta hizzle featured Henson on its brotha n included tha image that’s been tha centre of tha “debate”. And The Age has just one of many reports of cops visit'n galleries n Henson photos straight trippin' off walls across Australia, despite no complaints hatin' been made so bow down to the bow wow.
Share this... These icons link ta social bookmark'n sites where motherfucka can share n discova new web pages . It dont stop till the wheels fall off. "

"Jizzohn Quiggin thinks that Labor’s descent into tha petrol ridin' abyss - wit all sorts of speculizzles `bout GST changes - is tha Labor Party’s fiznirst big public policy disasta of tha term . Yippie yo, you can't see my flow. Perhaps unsurprizzles it’s also led ta tha fizzirst big damag'n leakof tha term - Martin Ferguson’s gangsta saggin' Labor’s Fuelwatch scheme."

So now all news shall be written so.

Time for some BGs

Pogria said...