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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Al and the houseboat

The blogosphere is alive with talk about Al Gore's new 100 foot house boat the BS1. The environmental credentials of the craft include the fact that it runs on bio-fuels.

This is bad news for our friends in developing countries who would prefer that the plants used in the production of fuel were used to produce food. So by using bio-fuel, Al is helping to increase poverty in places like India. Frankly, the poorest people in the world would be better off if he let off some steam in a fuel injected Hummer all weekend. This is not to mention the range of other operational problems that bio-diesel brings to the party.

But for those of you who care about people, there's good news. The fuel in bio-fuel doesn't actually contain much bio-fuel - in fact, as little as 10 per cent - meaning that even when his boat is supposedly running on eco-friendly Indian-starving bio-fuel, as much as 90 per cent will be regular Gaia-raping diesel.

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bruce said...

Vaguely related:
Here's what's annoying me tonight: I just watched Deutsche Welle news where the head of German Telecom was being grilled over recent losses, 'There would have been profit but for the drop in US exchange rates'. Well yes and the Titanic would have reached port but for that iceberg. But I sense a bigger message, 'It's all the US's fault'. Actually I would say crudely it's Mexico's fault by being such a basket case that its people flood into the US and then default on loans. But the bigger problem is that Germans have forgotten that money comes from creativity with flexibility - instead they sink into a Cargo Cult.

And as their economy sinks further while they wait for Cargo, 'Climate Science' has given them the ideal excuse: just as there are supposedly 'normal' steady temps, so there are 'normal' steady economic conditions, which the big bad Americans will always be flouting (as they flex to meet real world conditions rather than imaginary 'normal' ones).

This idea of 'normal' 'balance' comes from eco-science. It is at root a superstition since all balance and equilibrium is fleeting.