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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Super Wednesday

It's the day we've all been waiting for in Beijing - the BMX event. Let's hope Australia's unusual training methods pay off.


Anonymous said...

MM, hope you like my chopper pic. We must take her up for a ride soon.

I've got someone out there using 1.618 and linking me telling me Im crazy.. check it out...Must be someone from TB LOL 1.618

daddy dave said...

1.618... rumour has it that you are not the original 1.618. (when I say rumour, I am literally referring to an offline conversation with a fellow Blairite).
If the rumour is true then it would explain your increasingly comprehensible posts. If not, and if you are indeed the same, original 1.618 that first appeared at Blair's, then I must offer my congratulations on your newfound sanity, your coherent thought structures, and overall mastery of the English language.

Margo's Maid said...

My God. I think I know where this is heading - 1.6 is really Tim Blair after a long night out?

daddy dave said...

relax margos, I think it is unlikely that Tim has an alter-ego blogger for two reasons.
First, he works his arse off as it is. It would be inefficient to have a secret identity because it would mean dividing his energy up even further.
Second, Tim and 1.6 are opposites in terms of personality.

Tim is sarcastic, grounded, and doesnt give a flying f--k about anything.

1.6 is airy and flighty and has high levels of emotionality.

so you see, there's no way that they could be the same person.

Unless... Oh. My. God. you don't think... they're like "Dr Blair and mrs 1.6?"