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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Walkers may use feet: Rudd

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to the National Press Club today: "If some walk with their feet, that’s exactly what the system is designed to do."


Boy on a bike said...

Screwing up that badly is no mean feat.

bruce said...

Isn't our PM just amazing? He thinks so fast he joins half sentences together like a series of bullet points - that way he breathes half as much and saves the environment.

I know some Mandarin, it often sounds disjointed when read literally:

'Hao jiou bu jian'
'Long time no see'

Also Chinese conversation is full of metaphorical expressions like

'dripping water cuts stone'

'better to see once than hear much'

and my favourite:

'Da Zhi ruo yu' -

'Great Wiseman (often) looks like idiot.'

Thinking in Mandarin destroys English speaking ability.

Anonymous said...

Our great leader Kevin doesn't use his feet, he uses poles to get around!


Anonymous said...

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the banks to show are an illusion.
there's construct ommits time and only uses numbers in a different construct.