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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sexism not really minded

"Are you hysterical or what? Having a difficult menopause?..."

If this were to appear as the opening sentence on the opinion page of a major newspaper, it would surely cause outrage amongst feminists, wouldn't it?

But not if the newspaper is Pravda, and this woman is the subject of the diatribe.


daddy dave said...

the level of hatred of Condi is a good way of finding out how racist a country is.
Here is a guide to understanding any nation on earth, simply by looking at how their reporters and politicians describe Condoleeza Rice.

"a role model for women everywhere" - enlightened democracy
"Who's Condi?" - ignorant democracy
"a traitor to women and black people" - Eurotrash pseudo-democratic bureaucracy
"(**sexist slur**)" - backwards third world nation that resents American success
"(***racist slur**)" - murderous, medieval tinpot dictatorship; human rights black hole.

Print this guide out and take it with you when you travel abroad. It will help with critical decisions like whether to take a day trip to Russia, Iran, or Syria.

daddy dave said...

my checklist doesn't seem to have taken off.