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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gene Simmons

The bass player of Kiss, Gene Simmons is way more interesting than most rock stars. Born Chaim Witz in Israel on 25 August 1949, he claims never to have smoked, been drunk, or high in his life.

Simmons was a supporter of the war in Iraq and was quoted as saying, "I'm ashamed to be surrounded by people calling themselves liberal who are, in my opinion, spitting on the graves of brave American soldiers who gave their life to fight a war that wasn't a country they've never been to...simply to liberate the people therein".

By way of explanation he said: "I will forever be grateful to America for going into World War II , when it had nothing to gain, in a country that was far away...and rescued my Mother from the Nazi German concentration camps. She is alive and I am alive because of America. And, if you have a problem with America, you have a problem with me." More on Simmons' support for Canadian soldiers here.


Boy on a bike said...

His book, "Kiss and makeup" is a great read. It was a real eye-opener for me, and I'm not a Kiss fan. I simply found it to be well written and interesting - which is something a lot of books lack.

Anonymous said...

MM, I went to the kiss concert. He has such a big, big well... high heel shoes.

1.618 ';'; ';';

daddy dave said...

Kiss rocks... long live Kiss.