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Friday, August 8, 2008

Kevins apostrophe's fail's test

While climatology continues to be a hurdle for the Australian Prime Minister, once again apostrophe management problems have appeared at his website. This time, his second last response, here:

"Really tough, but all Australian’s, all Australian’s, are out there basically giving of their best..."


Anonymous said...

At least he'll be able to say it properly in Chinese!


daddy dave said...

he really thinks all Australian's are giving of their best? What a load of bull. He's obviously been hanging around too many high achievers who sit around talk about how everyone they know is a high achiever.

Go to your local pub, Kev, me mate! There you will find plenty of us underachievers who do not aspire to run the country! From there, check out the local mall, where you will find people aimlessly wandering and spending money on things they didn't know they wanted until they saw them, and if the weather is warm, there will be underachieving australians mocking the slip slop slap campaign by lying motionless for long periods of time with very little clothing.

Then come back and tell us that we're giving of our all.

Margo's Maid said...

I feel much better about myself after that, DD, thanks very much.