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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


After cruising to victory in the 100 metres final and 200 metres semi-final in Beijing, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt was quoted as saying he just wanted to show the world how hard he is working. Ironically, this is perhaps the one thing at Beijing that he has not yet achieved. Bolt is 22 years of age on 21 August.


daddy dave said...

boo hoo.
I work hard every day of my life, and I'm not moaning and complaining in front of the cameras about how I don't get enough recognition.
Isn't it enough for these people to be star athletes?

They're strong, fit, beautiful and a wonder to behold.
Why do they have this pathetic insipid need to be appreciated for their Character?
I don't care if he's a lazy, beer drinking, pugnacious, rude asshole.

If he wins races, more power to him. I just wish he'd quit with the whining.

daddy dave said...

lets have more scandals. they are a lesson for the kiddies that everyone is human, even people who can run really fast and kick things and throw things and who hate losing.

Ash said...

Ben Cousins, Gary Abblett, Shane Warne, Brendan Fevola... Sportsmen are the gift that keep on giving.