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Monday, August 11, 2008

Ass occurs

Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd cannot keep confidences about sensitive international relations. But in the latest transcript of an interview on his website that is likely to be scrutinised around the world (about half way down here), he clarifies his comments:
"They were sitting a couple of seats in front of me and as I said quite clearly yesterday, I didn’t hear what they were saying. It was just an animated conversation which I observed to be quite friendly, ass was occurring between President Bush and a number of other world leaders."
Fittingly, at the above link, Rudd also adds to his impressive pantheon of reasons to terminate the interview.


Boy on a bike said...

With regard to your letter writing, I wrote to a NSW Minister 3 months ago - at the start of May.

Got a reply today. All they needed to do was nod their head and pass on my comments to their dept, which is what they did - but it still took the inept bastards 3 months to pen a response.

kae said...

Good thing you weren't hanging by your fingernails!