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Friday, August 8, 2008

Infrastructure unsatisfactory

Boy on a Bike details his attempt to attend an open forum with Australia's Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong over here only to be stymied by poor planning by Australia's Minister for Infrastructure.

Maybe our infrastructure Minister should start by organising piss-ups in breweries and work his way up to some of these more difficult events.

By the by, shouldn't Penny be against climate change rather than for it?


Boy on a bike said...

You put it so much better than I, and in fewer words too.

I really should think before I type.

Margo's Maid said...

You are too modest, BOAB. Loving your work.

bruce said...

They chose a venue where the crowd and entry could be controlled and a room small enough to be dominated by the local ALP membership, is my guess.

Albanese looks like he's an expert at stacking suburban meetings, that would perhaps be his chief talent - 'nasty piece of work'. How someone like that gets into federal parliament I find very depressing - we are surely going backwards.

I grew up in Five Dock, went to school in Ashfield (with 'man of lettuce'). Enjoy your reports from the old stamping grounds, boab. More power to yuh.