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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enough to be getting on with

*It's getting steamy in the comments of Pally personals.

* From the days when science kits were the real deal.

* This is the elephant in the MSM's room.

* Some great quotes in here about the Victorian bushfires:

"Put simply, in the last 25 years and when it comes to bushfire management, Australian governments have failed to govern. The focus of politicians has been on getting elected or staying in power, not in providing intelligent, tough and effective governance."

* That'll teach her.

* Frollickingmole farewells Einfeld.

* Blogging, African style.

* A special site for expectant celebrities.


blogstrop said...

Global Warming stopped five years ago and the MSM didn't notice? I mean, they're usually so up to date! What could be the matter?
Come to think of it, their recommendations for political nirvana have been a bit off lately - whoops! Thank goodness Kevni's away. And Obama is all chuckles, whatever happens.

Egg said...

Gotta be the quote of the decade re Oz gummint ...