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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not cricket


"A senior Pakistan Cricket Board official has called Aussies cowards for twice refusing to play in Pakistan citing security reasons..."

"At least five people have been killed and eight Sri Lankan cricketers wounded in a shooting attack by a dozen gunmen in the Pakistani city of Lahore."


blogstrop said...

We are often told that violence or military action will not solve problems like terrorism.
Depends how much violence you use and against whom. Best thing to do is go right up the chain of command, with extreme prejudice. After all, the presumption that talks will work presumes the existence of controllers who can be appeased, eventually replaced, or bought off. That sort of diplomacy has become the holy grail/tool of the PC-brigades, for whom a brutally inflicted defeat deferred is some sort of victory in itself. But look at North Korea - since the 1950s these rats have been running their own sordid show, and have spread their contagion.
Going into Iraq half-heartedly was a disaster, but illustrated just how dysfunctional a supposedly advancd, secular Middle-east country really is. They are just as tribal as the Rwandans, Kenyans and various others.
Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria will all have to be given a serious talking to, if that's what you think will heal things.

coffee said...

it's going to be difficult for Pakistan to take part in the international cricket scene from now on