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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meanwhile, back in Ghana...

Priscilla: Grandfather, it is harvesting time on the plantation once again. Shall I get the basket and help to collect the cocoa beans?

Asamoah: I have good news for you about this my child and also some bad news.

Priscilla: Oh really?

Asamoah: The good news is that Sydney City Council has banned Tim Tams and we cannot sell our crop - so you do not have to help collect the beans.

Priscilla: My, that Clover Moore sure is one cool lady - if only we had civic leadership like that here in Ghana. Okay - so what is the bad news?

Asamoah: The bad news is I found you a new job...


blogstrop said...

Next time Clover goes through the airport, members of the Darrell Lea Gang and the Arnott Boys might be lurking. Chocolate is a drug.

Marcus said...

If Clover banned child labour in Sydney half the greengrocers and corner stores would have to close. And in the thirld world what on earth are these kids going to do? Hang around in the mall all day? Catch a movie? Starve?