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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Question They Won't Ask: Part VII

The pride of the ShadowLands was severely dented last week, when our Question They Won't Ask was published on the website of ABC television's interactive Q and A program - only the second time this has happened.

This week we have had to dig a little deeper to ensure they won't ask or publish this question:

For Louise Adler:

As Antony Loewenstein's publisher, you would know better than most that he has very limited writing ability and does not make a living selling books. My question for you: are you in on the Loewenstein project with ASIO or are you just one of their dupes?

UPDATE: Doh - The question has been published on their website. Look out for a doozie next week.

1 comment:

blogstrop said...

Is Ant going to be on TV? He looks so cool in his suit of crushed dissent.