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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not enough Hours in the Day

There are so many events today that the ShadowLands is struggling to keep up.

Of course, there is Tim Blair's increasingly popular tyre burning festival, the Hour of Power.

But this is just the beginning. Small Dead Animals also alerts us to:

* International Idle Your Engine Hour
* Canadian Air Conditioner Stress Test (likely to go international any day now).
* International Clean Your Oven Hour
* Save a Hummer Pledge Drive and
* More suggested ad hoc activities from Captain Capitalism.


blogstrop said...

Good to see People fighting back against the PC brigades. Geoffrey Luck in Quadrant's March edition shreds Kevin Rudd's record as a philosopher-politician, with particular reference to his latest opus. Among many gems is this:
"After criticising free market capitalism for trading securitised mortgages which proved worthless, the Rudd Government is now bent on creating a new speculative market to trade carbon credits - twenty-first century alchemy to turn air into gold."

Egg said...

A good home for a Hummer here, if anyone cares to donate ...

RebeccaH said...

Oo! I forgot about the oven. It definitely needs a cleaning, say about 8:30pm. Thanks!