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Monday, March 30, 2009

Northern knickers fly in the breeze

Minicapt has kindly alerted the ShadowLands to the Catlin Arctic Surveyors' use of a low-tech device to combat frigid conditions.

And one of the commenters at the link has alerted us to the fact that the producers of Top Gear drove to the North Pole in 2007 - a journey that took them a week.

After nearly a month, our brave expeditioners, by comparison, have averaged 4.2 kilometres per day and have more than 800 kilometres still to travel.

While our gallant airheads seem to believe their GPS is useless because the equipment freezes, Top Gear reportedly had no such problems - no doubt due to the modern miracle that is air conditioning.

This is how it's done, greentards.


blogstrop said...

Give a man a canoe and a self-pull sled and you'll keep him frustratedly toiling for years to no good effect.
Give him a car with an internal combustion engine and his problems are solved in an instant.

Egg said...

"knickers fly in the breeze" - are these guys employing fart logic technology?