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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Questions they won't ask: Week IV

The ShadowLands has been submitting questions they won't ask to the interactive Q and A television programme over the past few weeks with the aim of having them not asked or published at their website.

This week, a question for Geoffrey Cousins:

The Tasmanian Pulp Mill would prevent 1.3 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year and employ, on average, 1600 Tasmanians per year for 30 years. As a millionaire and high profile campaigner against the mill, do you sometimes giggle to yourself when you think of all those unemployed Tasmanians?
UPDATE: Not published!

1 comment:

blogstrop said...

The pulp mill is right up there with nuclear power when it comes to sabotaging sensible schemes to satisfy the ban-it-banshees.