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Friday, March 13, 2009

Harassing Hildebrand has hide

According to an unsolicited email received by The ShadowLands Joe Hildebrand has gone to get a cheese sandwich, but teasingly, leaves no further details. Speaking of sandwiches, this is what Tim Blair once had to say on the subject, before he went to News Corporation and started getting all corporation-ey.


kae said...

You too, huh?

"May the light of God shine upon your face – although according to half the Liberal party room it shines out of Peter Costello’s arse so maybe it’s best to get out of the way."

Bacon and cheese?

WV: balnes
now, isn't that a type of whale? or a place or something?

blogstrop said...

The obsession of rubbishy media (present company excepted, of course)with Costello continues. They keep saying that it's "stopping Malcolm Turnbull's message from cutting through", when it is they who are calling the commentary tune. This de facto mandate to brainwash the Metropolisian Lumpenproletariat should not be granted with so little backlash, or should one say consequences.
(WV: arine - dessicated (arid) urine? Very alcoholic urine? Asian version of align?)

Anonymous said...

Keiron Gilbert's the worse. He can't finish one story about Labor's inadequate everything without bringing up the so called Costell-Turnbull confrontation.

It is as if he has to introduce balance when it is not relevant. The Libs can sort out their issues. He should just spend time on what Labor's stuffing up and the Liberal response and relate to Costello when it is relevant. He's starting to sound like a Labor stooge. Mehaul.

Anonymous said...

He was my cyber boyfriend.