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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kevin just doesn't get it

The Australian Government is now monitoring blogs that are critical of Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. This is the first of a series of advice columns by John Butler of the John Butler Trio which we hope is critical enough to make it onto the desk of the PM:

Would it sound paranoiac or outlandish if I was to tell you that Australia is swarming with Chinese spies?

If so, you must have missed this news story. Credible testimony suggests that around 1,000 Chinese agents were in Australia just four years ago. It is not unreasonable to think this number may have ramped up around the time of the Beijing Olympics.

The holy grail for Chinese spies in Australia would be any information related to our close defence ties with the United States. Things are currently very tense indeed between the two superpowers.

Now, in latest developments, we hear from the Sydney Morning Herald:
"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is unimpressed with the covert inquiries into his (Defence) minister Joel Fitzgibbon's association with a Chinese-born Sydney businesswoman..."
If Kevin Rudd has the interests of Australia and our alliance with the US at heart, he should in fact be concerned if there have not been inquiries - especially since, as it has now emerged, our Freaking Defence Minister secretly accepted two free trips to China from this Chinese businesswoman.

Add this to Kevin's own secret little pow-wow just before going to visit Obama, and you have to wonder what the fuck is going on.

Hey Kevin, how about you take your filthy finger out of your disgusting ear or mouth or whatever fetid hole it currently resides in and listen up.

The age-old problem with Labor Governments has been a failure to figure out who are our friends and who are our enemies. China sends hundreds of people here to find information they can use against us and our most important international partners.

If Indonesia ever decided to march on Canberra, who do you think would save your sorry, pale flabby little arse? Let me give you a hint, Kev - it's not Hu Jintao.

If the Defence Department has been investigating Fitzgibbon, they have been working in the best interests of Australia. Now pencil dick, how about for once in your life doing the same?

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Anonymous said...

kevknee speaks chinese maybe just maybe, he's working for China as a spy. Or son in law?